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Welcome to Hunt Hard and thank you for visiting the first post in our new Thrills & Kills series. We are passionate about hunting and the lifestyle that goes with it and we believe you are too. For that reason we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality content possible through this series. You can look forward to stories, experiences and insight into our world as full-time guides and outfitters. Our first post is an introduction to Hunt Hard to help you gain a better understanding of who we are. Again, thank you for joining us and we hope you will come back often!


Jeff Lester was born and raised in the White Mountains of Arizona. At a young age he developed a great love and appreciation for the outdoors. Hunting became a passion and Jeff was fortunate to be able to turn that passion into a successful business with great results.

At the age of 19, Jeff started his professional hunting career working under some of the largest big game outfitters in Arizona and New Mexico. He quickly realized that if he was going to make a career in the hunting industry he would need to forge his own path.

In 1999, Jeff started Hunt Hard Outfitters based out of Eastern Arizona. His goal then was—and still is—to provide personal attention to each of of his clients in order to assure their expectations are fulfilled. HHO has gained a solid reputation for providing quality hunts.

Jeff Lester says, “Arizona and New Mexico hold ten North American big game species. Each year the units we hunt produce some of the country’s biggest trophies. We never overbook or oversell our hunts in order to focus on the individual needs, goals, and desires of our clients. Our guides are among the best in the business. The highest qualified guides are essential to a successful outfit.”

Hunt Hard has deep roots in the Western big game scene with over 20 years of experience putting big game on the ground professionally and operating a highly successful outfitting service out of Eastern Arizona and Western New Mexico. Jeff Lester still operates Hunt Hard Outfitters to this day and feels it is a great platform to create and design new gear for the ever-changing needs of the modern hunter.

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As a professional guide, Jeff was always looking for the latest and most effective gear to make his job as a guide easier. As time went on, he started designing gear out of necessity that better fit his needs. His ideas and creativity eventually expanded into an entire new division of the company. For over ten years Jeff built and sold gear mainly by word of mouth or direct to the consumer at trade shows and online. As the gear side of Hunt Hard grew, so did the demands of the market. To solve these challenges, Jeff started pushing his ideas well beyond the ordinary and began designing a new generation of Hunt Hard products.

Hunt Hard is currently manufacturing and designing hunting packs and accessories that better tackle the needs of hunters across the country. Their gear is full of new and innovative technology never before seen in the backpacking world. These products are well-designed with every aspect of hunting in mind, using only the finest materials that are tough and lasting. With multifunctional purpose, Hunt Hard is focusing on creating gear that gives any hunter the professional advantage.


2016 was the launch of the new generation of Hunt Hard Gear. The brand received a facelift with a bold new logo and tag line. The logo encompasses the icon of a Bull Elk. The Bull Elk is what put Hunt Hard on the map. Its symbol is recognized worldwide and is a sought after trophy for almost all big game hunters across the globe. When you put on a Hunt Hard branded item, you are making a statement that you may be a little more hard core than most. You eat, drink, and sleep the outdoors, and can’t wait for the next chance to chase game and put your skills to the test!

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