Hunt Hard Gear is designed and built using the highest level of workmanship and materials.  All Hunt Hard products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing and material defects.  Hunt Hard packs and bags are guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of purchase.  This warranty is only valid if the product was purchased directly from Hunt Hard or an authorized dealer or reseller.  Warranty is non-transferable and must have proof of purchase.

Items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Hunt Hard Gear.  NOT ALL DAMAGES CAN BE REPAIRED!  If a replacement product is unavailable or discontinued a comparable product may be substituted.  If we determine that it is a warranty issue, the product will be repaired or replaced free of charge.  All non-warranty problems (with customer’s approval) will be repaired for a nominal fee.

This warranty does not include damages from normal use or wear and tear. Unauthorized altering, modifications, or changes to the original product void the warranty.  This warranty also does not cover any abuse, neglect, or miss-use other than the purpose the product was designed for.

If one of your Hunt Hard products does not perform to your satisfaction please contact us immediately.  We will do all we can to assure the satisfaction of our customers.  Hunt Hard Gear always reserves the right to inspect and determine any and all warranty work under our discretion.


Make sure your product is clean and free of all gear; Hunt Hard will not be responsible for loss or claims of gear accidentally misplaced or sent with shipment.  If you send us a dirty pack we will send it back!  Please follow all cleaning instructions prior to boxing and shipping.  

Box and ship using Fed-Ex or UPS only. Always include your full name and address with a daytime phone number, and proof of purchase. Include a detailed description of the problem (use tape if needed to mark and display issue, you can write on tape if needed). A prepaid return shipping slip is needed to accompany your product, and will be reimbursed if product damage is covered under warranty.

We will contact you after Inspection of product and determine if it is a warranty issue.  It will be repaired or replaced free of charge if the issue falls under the guidelines of warranty.  All non-warranty problems will be repaired for a nominal fee.

Ship all returns to:   Hunt Hard Gear, 70 South Aspen, Eagar AZ 85925



DO NOT REMOVE FRAME OR PACK POD SOCKET FROM PACK FOR CLEANING. You may remove head carrier as it is designed to be removed.

You may use air to remove dirt from front and backside of zippers, dirt is a zippers enemy keeping zippers clean will prolong the life of your zippers.

Remove all contents out of Pack

Open all zippered and drawstring pockets, and leave open until drying process is complete

Make sure pack and pockets are free from all loose debris by shaking or brushing dried blood or dirt from material.

Add a ½ cup of camo wash of your choice to cold or warm water inside of bathtub or container large enough to cover pack completely.  Fully immerse pack and hand wash moving pack up and down and side to side.  If pack is very dirty you may need to soak the pack 30 min to 1 hour depending on how dirty the pack may be.  Replete this process until the water is clear.  

Shake pack and clear pockets from all standing water.  Leave all pockets and pouches open and hang dry. Do not put in direct sunlight to dry.

After your pack has completely dried close all zippers and pouches.  Snap pack back into desired position and roll all webbing up into Velcro closures.  Store in ventilated area or reload your pack for your next outing.