The Arizona draw is set up as a lottery. Each year that you apply and are not successful you receive a bonus point. As your points grow, so do your odds of drawing. When you are successful you start the process over. 10% of tags awarded will go to out of state hunters. It is important that you start this process ASAP because hunting Arizona takes planning and preparation for the future. On average it takes 3 to 11 years to draw depending on your hunt choices. Arizona requires you purchase a hunting license each year to be eligible for the draw. This purchase is none refundable weather you draw or not. Your points will be accumulated separate for each species applied for. There are no landowner permits available in Arizona only public land tags though the draw.

Archery season typically starts between the 9th and 14th of September depending on where the Friday of opening day lands on the calendar. Arizona runs a 14 day season. We recommend—if time and money permit—booking the entire 14 days. These permits are extremely coveted and prove to be one of the best and most action packed hunts the west has to offer.

We have run close to 100% success ratio for the last 15 years. All guides are seasoned archery hunters themselves. This is a requirement when guiding for HHO. Most of the guides have taken a number of bulls with clients as well as on their own. Having guides with this experience is crucial in your quest for a trophy archery bull.

Remember, these archery hunts are on a limited draw process. We encourage anyone who is looking for a super high quality hunt to start this process ASAP.

Please contact us prior to the draw so that we may recommend units to apply for. HHO does offer application services for contracted hunters. The application deadline for all Arizona Elk hunts is mid-February.

5-Day Archery Hunt, 7-Day Archery Hunt, 10-Day Archery Hunt

1-on-1 Guided/Fully Outfitted

$6500.00, $7500.00, $9000.00 

2-on-1 Guided, Fully Outfitted per hunter

$5000.00, $6000.00, $7000.00

License and Permit

$525.00 – 825.00

Additional days can be added to 10 day packages.

Arizona permits are obtained through a draw process only. On average it takes 4-7 years to draw a late rifle permit. Late Rifle season starts the day after Thanksgiving. We sell these as a seven day hunt.

We run a high success rate of 90% most seasons. This late season hunt consistently produces bulls averaging 330-340 B&C with potential of 350+ if you are willing to hold out. It is important that you consult with us before the draw so we can inform you of your options and unit placement.


Bonus Points: If you have been accumulating points for AZ there may be other options depending on how many points you have. Please contact us to discuss prior to the draw. Many have time and money invested in this process. Things change year to year with availability of tags and pressure put on specific units. Consulting with us will benefit you in making decisions on where to apply.

7-Day Rifle Hunt

1-on-1 Guided/Fully Outfitted


2-on-1 Guided, Fully Outfitted


License and Permit

$148.00 – $665.00

5 day packages and guide only packages are available call for details.

Todays modern muzzleloaders have opened up slew of opportunity. The extended ranges of these guns have made it possible to hunt and take game at over 300 yards. New Mexico has many choices for the muzzleloader hunter. Most muzzleloader hunts are in primitive weapon units, meaning there are never rifle hunts in those units. Just archery and muzzleloader.

Our first Muzzleloader hunt starts sometime after the second week in October with the second hunt following. At times we still encounter some rut action in these hunts. Typically we start to see the rut wind down between the 2nd and 3rd hunt of the month. High success rates have kept many coming back year after year. Most hunters report seeing over 25 bulls during the week.

Late muzzleloader starts mid November. This is a great hunt. Come in shape because the bulls have moved into rough country for winter. We spend a lot of time walking and glassing in the steep canyons. The rut is long past and the bulls are browsing on their winter feed. Most are in bachelor groups of two to five bulls. We have taken some great trophies over the years on these late hunts.

5-Day Hunt

1-on-1 Guided/Fully Outfitted


2-on-1 Guided/Fully Outfitted


License and Permit


A monster mule deer is one of the most sought after trophies in North America. The units we hunt in Arizona and New Mexico continue to produce trophy class animals each year. Our guides are fanatical mule deer hunters and enjoy the challenges these hunts provide.

We offer a wide variety of rifle, muzzleloader and archery hunts in both states. Most of the hunts we do are draw only, so it is important that you contact us prior to the draw to discuss your options and expectations. Speaking with you will allow us to determine your needs and desires so we can assist you in applying for the hunt that is right for you.

Most of Arizona archery hunt permits are over the counter. These permits are good for both early and late seasons in a number of units. Buying permits does not affect your bonus points. If you are not successful in the draw, these hunts are a great option to the hunter that is looking at coming west each year. Early season archery starts late August and late season begins January 1st.

New Mexico unlike Arizona has no bonus points, so everyone who applies for a specific hunt are even each year making your chance of drawing even better. On average it takes one to three years to draw a rifle or archery tag in the units we hunt. If your goal is a 170+ B&C Buck, it will require time in the field. Many of our clients who are interested in a trophy mule deer apply each year. It typically takes more than one hunt to fulfill a goal of a high caliber buck.

5-Day AZ, NM Rifle Hunt

1-on-1 Guided/Fully Outfitted


2-on-1 Guided/Fully Outfitted


These hunts fall in early October prior to any other gun hunts in the unit. There has been no pressure on the Elk for almost three weeks. Big bulls are still with cows giving you an excellent opportunity for hunting a rut hunt with a firearm.

There are Rifle and Muzzleloader youth hunts. Youth hunters can enter the draw as long as they have successfully completed a hunter education program prior to applying for the draw. To qualify for a youth hunt, he or she cannot turn 18 prior to the start date of the hunt. Landowner permits can be used in these hunts as well if not successful in the draw.

Most of our Coues Deer hunts take place in Arizona. These deer are a favorite of many to pursue and only native to Arizona, New Mexico and Sonora Mexico. We have many different opportunities available. Popularity has seen a high increase in recent years and we have had some great success in these hunts.

Please call us with any questions regarding license and pricing on all Coues Deer hunts Arizona and New Mexico.

Rifle, Archery and Muzzleloader hunts are available.